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Fuzzy Logic

We Aren't Crisp

Sometimes YES or NO decisions are not the best to solve problems.
The border of solutions could be less defined and more fuzzy.
Fuzzy Logic is a method of decision that resembles human reasoning.
In the middle of a YES or NO decision there is a room of possibilities, the Fuzzy Logic lies inside this level to achieve the solution to different problems.
It is defined also a generalization of the classical set theory.
Fuzzy Logic  incorporates a simple, rule-based IF X AND Y THEN Z approach to a solving control problem rather than try to model a system mathematically.

Applications of the Fuzzy Logic :

  • Decision-making
  • Traffic control
  • Image Stabilization
  • Altitude control of spacecraft
  • Speed control
  • Queue Theory
  • Intelligent highway systems
  • Video cameras
  • Washing machine timing
  • Cement kiln controls
  • Stock market predictions

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