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We are the creator of
After more than four years it is the reference point of EtherCAT analysis and debug.
The plugin is available for different OS and it is easily integrated inside the wireshark ide.

They talk about us:

"Understanding the bits and bytes of EtherCAT

I recently came across an interesting link regarding EtherCAT that provides the filters and some analysis of just how the EtherCAT packets are formed including full description of the registers for the EtherCAT Slave Controller and the text content of the individual registers/values.
The download is available for free from and uses Wireshark to capture the data. Because the analysis is based on Wireshark the tool can be used regardless of the operating system you are using.
There is also a link to an EtherCAT tutorial at the end of the above link that uses the developed tools to explain, in quite a level of detail the “workings” of this protocol by explaining how to identify lost frames.....

More than 14000 download!!

The most famous and used plugin wordwide.

Many tutorials to dissect and analyze the EtherCAT frames.

Filled of suggestions and tricks to personalize the debug and to became a winner in fieldbuses context.

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