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Do you speak Fieldbus?

Fieldbus allows communication between the different devices in a network. It is shared language between the slaves and the master. As every language, it is the channel to send and deliver process data, diagnostic and parametrization messages.
The fieldbuses area is a jungle, there are more than hundreds different protocols, without counting the standards and those that are proprietary (closed).
It is impossible to define the best, there are too many variables to consider and also the context of application.
We could split in different segments: speed, performances, cost, openess, devices....
The list becomes long and this is matter of a book.

Some examples of a real state:

The debug phase is the key role to restart a plant or production line.
To analyze and to dissect every single bit it is a crucial task to solve problems that can cause long time stop. This translates into cost.
In order to achieve this result it is important to know deeply all the protocols involved and the relative standard. Today there are standards concerning the protocols itself and it is not optional to follow the directive provide by each consortium.
The well-known and used DS402 , for example, it has been accepted for a long time, and it is de facto the protocol implemented to control the motion drives in different fieldbuses.
After this nano introduction we collect three words, three fundamental elements : debug, protocols and standard.

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